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Comet Media Group Team Up With Alphagraphics Lakeland

Comet Media Group recently entered into agreement with Polk County’s leading printing service provider Alphagraphics, located on South Florida Avenue in Lakeland. Now customers of both companies can save time and money by having their marketing collateral design and printed by one project manager.

Our combined team will manage printing services (traditional and large format), direct mail, email campaign, SEO, POP signs and online marketing from conception and planning through production. When starting a new project design, our creative and printing production team will utilizes a unique concept – Production-Base Design. We will work with our client/partners on new design campaigns that are cost effective solutions, which will run through the production for print or online marketing stream efficiently.

Our goal is to deliver effective marketing solutions across all media channel in print and on the web, that increase awareness for our client/partners and easy for their audience to respond and engage with.

AlphaGraphics is a global leader in marketing and print communications and is your one-stop shop for all of your marketing and printing needs. Create and send targeted direct mail campaigns, brochures and every door direct mail pieces or produce website, mobile sites, email campaigns, posters and window cling. Select our local team and get started today!

AlphaGraphics Lakeland center is locally owned – we live in your communities and we know the customers in your market. Our marketing and print professionals understand how to effectively and efficiently reach your audience. Unlike other digital marketing and printing firms, we work closely with you to integrate the most effective marketing direction to increase your audience reach and sales.


Visit Alphagraphics Lakeland on South Florida Avenue or call: (863) 646-5699

Comet Lead Marketing Tips at 2014 RWSAC Rural Tourism & Economic Development Summit

Comet Media Group and Art & Gator Travel Magazine CEO,  George Byfield was one of three panelists that spoke on; Tips and Tools to Successfully Market Your Agritourism Enterprise Chaired by Faith Clarke of FAMU, on April 4, 2014 at Chipola College, Marianna, FL. Here George gave the group of five to select a business name, product/s, identify unique selling points, identify audience as well as marketing direction. The goal was to empower and inform the group about the power of including their audience in the development of their product and bringing their packaging/presentation up to industry standard—before pushing out a media plan.


CMG_Florida Rural Tourism Summit_2CMG_Florida Rural Tourism Summit_1

George reminded the group that they should always operate at or above the level of the industry they are doing business in regardless of being in a rural setting/environment. Example below shows how some products or destination can be overlooked because of their creative direction and packaging.


Other panelist who spoke at the 2014 RWSAC Rural Tourism & Economic Development Summit: Louis Jones of Aunt Louise’s Farm and Gary Stogner of Leon County Division of Tourism.

Designing a Healthy Community

Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County and the HIV/Aids department are gearing up for St. Lucie County Annual Fair — February 28 to March 9th, 2014.

Each day of the fair is action packed with national concerts, livestock shows, midway rides and the very best in entertainment, with acts performing every day. Admission is $10 at the gate, $6 in advance for adults, Veterans and seniors over 50 are $5 everyday, children 6-12 are $3 at the gate and $1 in advance, children under 6 are free. Parking is $3.


There are daily specials which include $2 night on Tuesday evening where admission, rides and parking all cost $2 each. There are also ride specials, admission specials taking place every evening. Midnight Madness takes place both Friday evenings beginning at 9:30 p.m. Admission and arm band for rides cost $25. Over 131,000, families will show up by the masses to enjoy corn dogs, cotton candy and cattle shows, as well as visit vendor booth.

Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County engaged Comet Media Group to design display panel and HIV/Aids Postcard—in the hope to inform and educate the community on becoming more aware of personal health care management. VISIT COUNTY FAIR WEBSITE

It was fun working with Arlease, Dawn, Danielle, Robert and print production team from Ampersand Graphics and St. Lucie County print department.


Faces of HIV State of Florida mobile art exhibit campaign visits the Treasure Coast 

The Faces of HIV mobile art exhibit will be  at the St. Lucie County Fair on Saturday March 8, 2014 from 12pm to 7pm. Project Response will be offering HIV counseling and testing services and the St. Lucie County HIV/AIDS Prevention Planning Group will offer education and support.


Comet Helps Students Gain Real-World Experience

In an effort to help marketing and design students gain hands-on experience in the industry before graduation, Comet has launched an initiative to hire students from area colleges.

Benezer Jahdy Lancelot, a web design student at Indian River State College (IRSC) was the agency’s first student-hire. Jahdy now a graduate, has worked in New York created Black Enterprise website and has developed other successful website for diverse industries.

Stacy Givens, graphic design student at Indian River State College (IRSC) was the agency’s second student student-hire. Stacy now work as creative director at Treasure Coast Research Park in St. Lucie County, FL.

Daniel Oria, graphic design and web development student at Indian River State College (IRSC) became our third student-hire. Daniel added diversity to our agency with his Latin heritage and passion for photography. Daniel is looking forward to go back in the classroom to teach the next generation of creative communicators.

Anthony Catalano, senior student from Mr. Sanders Graphic Design Class at Treasure Coast High School, along with other student gain insight and  mentoring on Create! Don’t Hate billboard design competition from Comet team. Anthony went on to create illustration for Digital Domain Studio.


“The design muscle of Comet Creative in Ft. Pierce has helped with this project by coming in during the week and mentoring the students, giving feedback and helping to give direction.” say Patrick Sanders Graphic Instructor— Treasure Coast High School.

“The benefits of real-world experience are immeasurable,” says George Byfield, vice president and chief executive officer of the agency. “Only working in a professional setting can teach students to go beyond the skills they have learned in the classroom and adapt to the time and budget realities of the professional workplace.” The agency hopes to establish a formal internship program with colleges and other local schools in Florida.

St. Lucie County Tourism Launch at PGA Village St. Lucie Country Club

Erica Byfield giving opening remarks and thanks to sponsors.

St. Lucie County was a hidden gem until Comet lead the way to position the county as destination filled with natural beauty, uncrowded beach, waterfront dining, nature & wildlife adventures, family getaways and a place you call home. Comet marketing team identified key stakeholders and partners to developed the first public private partnership which gave more exposure to the destination as well as to companies already vested in the county.

“Most brands and destinations are overlooked because of poor brand presentation. If brands and destinations understanding that they will only attract what they reflect—can make a big difference to their bottom line.” Said George Byfield, Comet CEO.

The campaign also announced partnership between St. Lucie County Tourism and Grand Bahama Island.

The event was held at PGA Village St. Lucie, Country Club.


Comet to Lead St. Lucie County and Grand Bahama Island Partnership

IN PHOTO: Grand Bahama Island – The Commissioner of St. Lucie County, Florida, Commissioner Doug Coward, County Administrator Faye Outlaw and public relations and marketing executives visited Grand Bahama as guests of the Ministry of Tourism, as they seek to build business and tourism partnerships between St. Lucie County and Grand Bahama Island. Pictured from left are CEO, Comet Creative a public relations and marketing company based in Florida, George Byfield; President Comet Creative, Erica Byfield; Commissioner Doug Coward; Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of The Prime Minister, Senator the Hon. Katherine Smith,  St. Lucie County Administrator Faye Outlaw and representatives from the Grand Bahama Island Ministry of Tourism Terrance Roberts. Photo: Vandyke Hepburn


St. Lucie County, Florida — Vacation packages and sporting events between St. Lucie County and Grand Bahama Island could be available as soon as spring 2009.

Representatives from Grand Bahama Island signed a non-binding agreement with the county to formalize a partnership, which, at this point doesn’t include any obligations for either government.

In an effort to boost tourism to both locations, officials want to offer vacation packages between the two locations.

Packages could include trips that pair New York Mets spring training events with a free flight to the Bahamas. Boat races, golf tournaments and motorcycle events are among other ideas being tossed around. Officials don’t know if a plan could be in place as soon as the upcoming spring training schedule, but County Commissioner Doug Coward said he hopes to bring the issue before the county board within a month to facilitate future planning.

Coward, Assistant County Administrator Faye Outlaw and Comet Creative representatives went to the island last week and met with public and private officials. They returned excited about the possibility of mutually beneficial tourism possibilities.

“I was enthusiastic going there and the level of enthusiasm that we got back exceeded my wildest expectations,” Coward said. “They were very excited about essentially formalizing a partnership with St. Lucie County on tourism.”

The meeting was the third between the two groups over the past year and the first outside of St. Lucie County.

The county spent $980 total on the trip for four round-trip flights paid for by the county bed tax. The rooms and meals were complimentary of various potential partners similar to how the rooms and meals for Bahamian officials were complimentary when they visited St. Lucie County.

With the economy struggling, the county is trying to maximize its ability to bring in dollars from outside the area.

St. Lucie County has access to the country’s largest market through hosting the New York Mets for spring training. By sharing advertising and marketing dollars with the Bahamas, the county could have a greater ability to draw New Yorkers to the Treasure Coast.

First Read on The Bahamas Weekly




Grand Bahama Island Delegates Visits to Solidify Tourism & Economic Partnership


Grand Bahama Island tourism leaders to visit St. Lucie County this week as part of partnership


Commissioner of St. Lucie County, Florida seeks business and tourism partnership

Toni Griffin: A new vision for rebuilding Detroit

Once the powerhouse of America’s industrial might, Detroit is more recently known in the popular imagination as a fabulous ruin, crumbling and bankrupt. But city planner Toni Griffin asks us to look again — and to imagine an entrepreneurial future for the city’s 700,000 residents.

First read on TED Talk

You can learn more about Toni Griffin full bio

Welcome to Comet Media Group

Today marketers are trying new ways to attract audience loyalty—from television to radio, from print to digital and now to smart phones. All in the hope to be the brand of choice for consumers. But it’s very hard to keep up with Mr. and Mrs. Jones change in new job, new home, new place of residence and new car.

The days of using demographic data to design that kick ass direct mail campaign is gone. Consumer’s behavior has change; they are now longer depending on advertising to influence what and when to buy.
These savvy consumer are educated and self-driven to find resources outside of the brand marketing material to inform them.

“People are choosing brands that put people first over brand price”.

Brands in today market must get back to human touch, where the business started in the first place. One person or more came up with an business idea born our of Passion to help people.

Multi-ethnic group portrait

Comet Media Group gets it and we are helping our clients to market to people by using interest-driven data to craft the best communication solution for that unique audience. We under stand that our client only has one product or service to take to market—but we also understand that they are different group of people seeking to use the brand in their unique way.